Our office has an attic that is above a drop ceiling.

Our attic has always been very high off the ground and we have had worries about employees and volunters carrying things up and down the dangerous ladder, and putting a strain on the old wooden ladder. Thus when we found Versalift, it was the answer to these worries, and has made our lives so much easier and safer as well. This also looked very professional when it went up into the attic opening. The Attic Lift was certainly the best solution that we could find and affordable as well.


Association Manager
Glenwood Community Association, Inc.

Thank you for all your help.

When we received the lift, it was easy to install as long as we followed the well written instructions. Many of the neighbors have seen it, and are wanting to order one as well. Again, Thanks!


I’m writing to tell you how pleased we are with our new Versalift.

We were needing a way to avoid long term storage costs in a rental, and our attic was the best bet. We installed the lift about two months ago, and it is working flawlessly. Without the Versalift, storing this stuff would be a hassle, and costly as well. It has worked great for Christmas decorations, our Christmas tree, and gift wrapping accessories. I love the finish on the ceiling with the cover that is held tight with the four springs in the legs, what an ingenious idea! Thanks for such a great product!

Best regards,

Peter B.

Versalift Quality Stands Out

We looked at everything on the market before settling on the Versalift Attic Lift. As far as attic lift systems are concerned, this was our best choice. We wanted something that was free standing and did not attach to our overhead rafters etc; and yet was easy to install and affordable. Versalift stood above the rest for us. When looking, it doesn’t make sense to put something in my home that was less than top quality. Considering the use that it gets, it pays to go with the best.

 We travel a lot, and needed the extra storage space, did not want to store off site, and did not want to build an outbuilding that could be broken into, so an attic lift only made sense to us. This turned out to be a great product and great investment.

Lilly and Stan Davis, Scottsdale, AZ.

It has been one of the best investments in our home I have ever made.

Our neighbors installed a Versalift about two months ago, and I helped him install his in his home. I was so impressed with the easy installation as well as the quality of the unit that I ordered one for my home the next month. My wife collects and stores a ton of Christmas decorations, as well as Halloween, Thanksgiving and other seasonal decorating stuff, so I dreaded everytime she wanted me to get the stuff back down from the attic on an occasional basis. Now, I don’t mind it, all I do is send her into the attic, tell her to load what she wants, and then I press a switch, bring it down into the garage, and unload it, then send it back up to her. Takes the two of us 5-10 minute, and was easy on both of us. We LOVE our Versalift!

John Alexander

Edmond, Oklahoma

If you want a real solution to your storage issues

We looked at different attic lifts from various companies when we were considering purchasing our attic lift and found the Versalift to be the most appropriate choice for our attic and our pocketbook! Buying this lift was definitely going to be an investment for us. We didn’t really have the monetary resources to buy one with cash so we put the lift on our charge card and we plan to pay it off within the year. We feel the Versalift is going to be a wonderful addition to our home and the value of it also. Anything that is taking up excessive space in our garage and our outdoor building can be put safely away in our attic with the Versalift, including tall and heavy stuff. This has made so much more “generous” room in our home! The investment we made has been so worthwhile. The ease of loading our bins and “organized chaos” onto the Versalift has given us easy access to and from the attic without concern for accidents or shoulder injuries, etc. The time and energy it has saved us cannot be measured. I don’t know why we put off buying one for so long! When we sell our home I know the new owners will be appreciative of the investment we have made. In my opinion, builders should include a Versalift in all their home constructions…Just like a dishwasher! Ralph and Marie Hunnicut Tampa, FL

This thing is certainly legitimized even in spite of the money and improved my home.

My wife and I retired from the military and bought our "dream" home here in Texas. The day we saw our house we were in awe of the high ceilings throughout the entire house. Our excitement of those high ceilings soon changed once we began trying to put stuff in our attic and storage space. The height of the ceilings going into the attic made it particularly difficult to utilize the storage space safely. Carrying items up the ladder to the attic was particularly difficult. With my past back and knee issues, we knew we needed to hunt down a different solution for putting away our household stuff. We started looking into the Versalift System Attic Lift. I was intrigued by the way it operated and once I read the reviews online, we decided we HAD TO HAVE ONE!!!!

I called the Versalift customer support team for help in deciding which lift I needed and what accessories, if any, I would need, also. They were very friendly and helpful from the start and my order was taken. I received my Versalift within the week in three separate boxes. The support team has installers in certain areas they can recommend if you need one, but I decided to work at night in the Texas heat and put it in myself. It took three nighttimes to get it done, but has been well worth it. I immediately had so much more room in my garage and my parking space was visible! Showing it off to my neighbors has been a social event in my garage! I love the lift, and the ease it has given me in putting things away in my attic space. This lift has certainly been an unexpected delight to my wife and I, and I know it has improved the value of my home. Thank you for making an exceptional product!

Scott Braverton 

This system is MORE than worth the money we spent.

In the late fall, we starting moving into a home that had huge amounts of storage space over the garage. Yet, we had no easy accessible way to get into the attic with ease. Christmas was coming and we were in dire need of getting our decorations in and out of the attic without the pain and aggravation going up and down the ladder carrying them and risking injury. We went online and started looking at attic lifts and assessing the time and trouble it would take to purchase and install one quickly. We contracted an installer who went online and read the instructions and manual for the lift before we even purchased it. He said it would basically be as easy as installing an attic ladder, once you get the unit put together. The instructions were very easy to read and the manual easy to understand. It took him around 5 hours to install. The unit works smoothly and is a wonderful system. We have moved all our Christmas decorations and other items into our storage with the most ease and convenience now that we have the lift. It is actually kind of fun working together, one of us upstairs and one downstairs loading and unloading. It has cut our time in half, if not more, and saved our back, shoulder, and knees from carrying those crazy bins up the attic ladder. We also bought the VersaRail Attic Safety Rail and put in the stairway opening for holding onto when we are up there for extra safety. This structure is MORE than worth the money we spent. Thankful.

John and Lillian Rushing

It runs effectively.

My Versalift was introduced to me by the builder of my new home. He said it would be a fantastic time saver, and a good investment for me now, and any future buyers of the home if we ever decide to resell. I have attached a photograph of my lift and the upstairs room where we installed it. I love this thing! It is awesome and so handy at moving our Fall and Christmas decorations around, as well as our storage items. The unit runs smoothly and effortlessly and fits very snugly into the second story opening. For me, the Versalift has paid for itself many times over since I purchased it. The amount of time it has saved me running up and down the stairs each day is remarkable. I would recommend the lift to anyone!

George Thomas

Santa Barbara, CA

Extraordinarily all that much packaged.

Good service, quick shipment, and excellent manual instructions! I downloaded the manual and cut the hole and ran the electric before the lift even arrived. The unit arrived in 3 boxes and was very well packaged to avoid damage. I am very handy with tools. For me, this was like a fun erector set, big boy size. Everything fit well together and the materials were very well made. The manual was easy to read and the extra warning signs made sure you followed the steps precisely for an easy install with no mistakes. Once the lift arrived, it was up and running in 4.5 hours. I like doing things by myself, but I definitely needed two people to lift the main unit into the attic safely. I opted for the corded model. You can't misplace it.

W. Griffin

 The installation turned out well and I am quite pleased with the Versalift.

I had seen these on TV for a couple of years now and decided when I turned 60 it would be a gift to myself, so I went for it this last year and have kicked myself ever since for not doing it when I was 55! Probably one of the best engineered products that I have put together in a long time. I was a Bell Helicopter engineer for many years, and know quality when I see it. Good Job Versalift!

Larry Handleson

The foundation turned out well and I am exceptionally happy with the Versalift.

I am a 70 year old retiree and I installed the Versalift myself in a second story room. I installed a switch by an outlet at the edge of the attic opening to control the Versalift and the second story room light. This makes it easy to cut down on trips up and down the ladder. I can easily turn on the light to control the Versalift and a light in the storage space. I called customer support to make sure I could install the lift with the trusses that I have and they were more than helpful and informative. When I figured out the best spot to install the lift, I got started. Positioning the lift between certain trusses, makes it easy for me to remove my storage bins from either side. The installation turned out well and I am extremely satisfied with the Versalift.

Tammy Uselton

It works faultlessly, and has made our space stockpiling 100% profitable.

We have a 1,200 sq. ft. home, with 600 sq.ft.of storage space in the second story room and 10 foot rooftops. We are both in our late 60's, and its completely unthinkable that we could drag and pull stuff here and there up to the second story room. We had a contractor show us a Versa-lift model 24 with remote, and how handy it was for moving storage upstairs. We have been using it for around 2 months. It works splendidly, and has made our space stockpiling 100% manageable.

We looked at a number of factors when we were considering the right Attic Lift, and found various articles that can show you the cost difference between a Versalift and public storage units. Looking at $50 per month storage unit fees just didn’t make sense to us. We could easily put the lift on a credit card and pay it off within in a year, at which point our Versalift would be an addition to the home for as long as we lived there, as well as a sound investment. One of the best parts is we didn’t have to worry about water damage or heat from the summer damaging some of our most valuable possessions.

There just aren’t any other options that provide the same kind of quality as a unit like this, so the decision to buy a Versalift was easy. If you have a lot of extra belongings to store, the first step is to find out exactly what size unit you want and what kind of switch would best suit your lifestyle, corded, remote or wall switch. We believe that there are homeowners who have certainly tried just about everything to deal with their storage issues while still trying to improve the comfort of their home. I am sure these homeowners eventually turn to the convenience and the safety of the Versalift. Other options just end up not making sense, especially once you try to put them into practice. Getting your household under control, keeping things neat, and being able to have easy access to your storage is an absolute must in our situation.

Anything that is too heavy, too bulky, too long, too tall, or just too much effort can easily make it up into the attic when you have a Versalift. Your whole household will be much more spacious and organized, which is a total relief in our case!

John and Laurie Sanderson