Technical Documents

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versalift attic lift with ice chests

AdobeReaderVersaLift Attic Q&A Document (Often Asked Questions)

AdobeReaderVersaLift Attic Brochure 2013

AdobeReaderVersaLift Attic 24/32 Comparison Guide

AdobeReaderVersaLift Attic 24 Installation (Installation Guide for Installers)

AdobeReaderVersaLift 24 Rough In (Rough in measurements of Model 24 Installation)

AdobeReaderVersaLift Attic 32 Installation guide (For installers)

AdobeReaderVersaLift Attic 32 Rough In (Rough in measurements of Model 32 Installation)

AdobeReaderVersaLift Attic 32 Specifications

AdobeReaderVersaLift Attic 24-32 Owner's Manual (Owners operator manual for both models)

AdobeReaderAuto-Shutter 24 Installation Guide

AdobeReaderAuto-Shutter 32 Installation Guide

AdobeReaderPlatform Enclosure Brochure (model 24 only. There is no Platform Enclosure for the Model 32)

AdobeReaderTreadplate Cover Installation Model 24/32

AdobeReaderTruss Kit Installation Guide 24 (For Installations where you are installing BETWEEN TWO TRUSSES)

AdobeReaderVersaLift Attic Corded Wiring Diagram (Shows the wiring and inside of Hand-held Corded Unit)

AdobeReaderVersaLift Attic Wireless Wiring Diagram (Shows Wiring Layout and Curcuit board of Wireless Controller)

AdobeReaderVersaRail Installation Guide (How to install Versarail safety rail)

AdobeReaderVersaRail 60 Specifications (Measurements of Versarail)

AdobeReaderVersalift Attic Quote Form

AdobeReaderTroubleshooting Wireless Controlled Units

AdobeReaderWall Switch Installation (How to properly install the Wall Switch Model)(Comes with Two Switches)

AdobeReaderVersaLift Attic 24-32 Specifications Rough (Shows the Detailed Technical Measurements of BOTH Models 24/32)