Attic Lift Pricing (below)

THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE MEASURED FROM THE FLOOR OF THE ATTIC UPSTAIRS (NOT CEILING) DOWN TO THE FLOOR OF THE GARAGE FOR CORRECT HEIGHT UNIT. ALSO, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE MEASURED THE PROPER HEADROOM IN THE ATTIC. FAILURE TO DO SO COULD COST YOU SEVERAL HUNDRED DOLLARS IN SHIPPING IF YOU ORDER THE WRONG UNIT. CALL US AT (405) 516 2412 IF IN DOUBT. IF YOU ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE SPECIAL FREE OFFER OF THE VERSARAIL AND WARRANTY, WE WILL AUTOMATICALLY ADD THESE TO YOUR PURCHASE AND SHIP THE RAIL OUT AND RECORD THE EXTENDED WARRANTY. WE WILL SEND YOU TRACKING INFO FOR THE LIFT ETC; UPON SHIPPING. Please do not ship to a construction site, UPS will drop off the lift in front of the house and leave, no signature required. The lift will ship via UPS in 3 manageable boxes. You can transport the lift in a SUV, small pickup or van so ship to your current home, office or neighbor if in doubt, once UPS delivers the unit, it is your responsibility. Please check your receipt for accuracy.

IF YOUR PROJECT IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION, DO NOT SHIP TO JOBSITE. SHIP TO YOUR CURRENT HOME OR OFFICE. UPS WILL DELIVER WITHOUT SIGNATURE. (You can move the 3 boxes in a small pickup, minivan or SUV when ready.) Once UPS delivers it is your responsibility to secure lift boxes.
UPS tracking #'s will be emailed to you upon shipping

We build 2 sizes, the Versa Lift Model 24 and the larger Versa Lift Model 32 (shown below). NOTE: Versa Lift corded remotes manufactured after April 10, 2019 can be upgraded to Wireless by purchasing the Wireless Plug N' Play Kit shown in accessories below.
(The Wireless is our most popular model, please call if you have any questions.)
Free shipping only applies to the lower 48 States. AK & HI please call for quote. There will be a 10% restocking fee on all returned units if unit has not been removed from box. Customer will be charged back for shipping fees out from the factory and back to the factory at that point. Returns are not accepted after 21 days. PLEASE MAKE SURE you have measured from the ATTIC FLOOR down to the GARAGE FLOOR for correct lift. Also make sure you have measured the HEAD ROOM in the attic to allow for correct unit. Model 24 is available in standard 3' and 4' height. Model 32's are 5' (60") high. Both models can be cut down for additional fee.

Versa Lift Model 24

  • Three Ways to Switch- Wireless, Corded, or 2 In Wall Switches (one up, one down)
  • The Wireless is most popular.
  • You are now able to field upgrade from a corded to wireless for additional cost. See Wireless Plug N' Play kit below.
  • Three Year Warranty Standard on All Units
  • This unit has a 15.3 cubic foot, 200 lb. lifting capacity.
  • The lifting platform is 20.75" x 44".
  • Attic Floor Framing Opening Required: 22-1/2" x 46-1/2" (+1/4", -0")
  • Physical Dimensions of Model 24 (Upper Attic Frame & Control Head) = 26"W x 57"L x 47"H
  • Vertical Attic Height Required=48" Minimum
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Versa Lift Model 32

  • This unit has a 35 cubic foot, 250 lb. lifting capacity.
  • The lifting platform is 28.75" x 56".
  • Attic Floor Framing Opening Required: 30.5" x 58.5″
  • Physical Dimensions of Model 32 (Upper Attic Frame & Control Head) 34″W x 69″L x 60″H
  • Vertical Attic Height Required=60" Minimum

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Versalift Accessories

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