Who Knew What The Garage Could Do?

Renovations happen every day and on everything. To look at it simply, renovate can be described as: to change or repurpose to a better condition. That’s both vague and definite at the same time. Vague because there are different opinions as to when something is better and when it is not. Yet definite in the entirety of the word. It may not be in a better condition to someone else, but it is renovated to you. This is what you need to think about in regards to garages.

Garages started out as barns. They housed just about anything on the farm and the purpose was to keep items out of the weather. As time went on, the city decided it liked the idea. Soon houses were fitted with basic awnings, meant to be garages. Time came and went, garages became integral pieces of the home. The bigger the home, the larger the garages.

Even better, the garages became a multitasking area. It was no longer about having a garage just to park a car. Now, this space needed to be used as a hobby room, movie theater, game room and many others. Some would seek building another home out of the garage or on top of it.

When you think about it, the conceivable ideas are relatively simple. With the help of a contractor, that space could be added square footage to the home. For the most part though, it is used specifically for garage storage. To the point that there are specific systems made to help you store stuff in the garage. Sure you can turn the room into a reading room, but it will be the same stuff you buy for any other room.

Even though you can place items in the basement to store, you won’t find the great supplies that are in the garage. A one car garage can adequately store multiple boxes and still home the truck. The process just requires exact measurements and certain materials. Storing really heavy items will require the use of heavy duty shelves. Purchasing some off-brand type with a limit of 50 pounds, probably won’t be the best decision.

It is best to do some type of estimating before going on the search for garage storage systems. Just to be on the safe side. For those that like the quite room and private space, there are options for that as well. Granted you can’t do anything with the car, but you can still store items. The main idea with garage storage is to have everything around the edges.

Garages may have started out as large barns, equipped for everything. They may have gotten smaller over time and changed direction here and there. But one thing will always remain the same, garages are versatile. Changing with each new trend. Trendy or not, storage has always been an option. Now, you can store and be trendy at the same time!

Why Use the Garage for Storage

Storage didn’t used to be a problem. You bought your first house and you had a guest room, plus an extra room for storage. Little did you know those room would soon be taken over. Now that everything has expanded, you are cramming things everywhere. There has been talk of getting a storage unit. Seems like a logical option. But, you just aren’t sure. Another option would be using the garage. Just how useful will that be? The stuff will still be taking over the house…

Well, here are some advantages you might not have thought about:

Availability: If you have a storage unit, your availability is limited by time. No time to drive and get into the facility, then you don’t get what you need. Units also require a key or code to get into the facility and then one to get into the unit. Which means, you are out of luck if you forget either one of these. In your garage, all you have to do is walk from the home to the garage.

Space: Your space is pretty limited when it comes to renting a storage unit. If you want more space, you have to pay a higher price every month. Then you have to move everything from one unit to another, just like moving from house to house. With your garage, you can add on if you wanted. Or add appliances and shelves to help give you more storage space.

Financial: If you aren’t renting a storage space, there isn’t the monthly charge. Lowering monthly bills is always a good thing. On the other hand, you may have to spend a little to get the garage storage perfect. But that will be a one-time payment and it could increase the value of your property.

Safety: Safety is one the most important issues with storage. When some rents a unit, they will visit it during the day so they aren’t surprised at night. Plus, the best facilities will have additional security to keep theft from occurring. Storing your items on your property will take away any safety issues you have. A thief will break into your home before they bother with the garage. There will be no worries about getting stuff out at night either.

Many have forgotten about the positive side of having a garage. Most of the time, people only consider it for the car. But, it can be so much more! Storing items in the garage is only the beginning of what you can do.

There are several benefits to using your garage instead of a storage unit. Even if the garage studs are showing, the possibilities are endless. Basic storage can happen in one day and you can work your way towards something more spectacular. You can keep things off the floor and more organized because you have the right to change anything!

Don’t bother with the daily stresses of a storage unit, just check out the unit you’ve always had!


What to Do When Your Stuff Takes Over

Monday February 15, 2016

What to Do When Your Stuff Takes Over

The truth never seems to be foretold and it is never easy to hear. Slowly but surely, you are beginning to suffocate from the expanse of stuff in your home. You have every available storage space filled to it’s limit and still feel like there is more you could be doing. Mainly, you would like to find something in under 5 minutes and without digging through everything you own. The easiest solution is to organize and figure out another storage option.

You thought you knew organizational tactics, and this isn’t saying you don’t. Just hinting at maybe you should upgrade towards something that will hold a little more. Before you do that though, see what you can move. For instance, if you have 5 blankets in the living room cubby, maybe you can lower that to 2. The extra 3 can be vacuum sealed in a bag and put into storage until you have visitors to use them.

What about those over-crowded bookshelves? It is nice to show off a great library, but maybe you could use the extra space as well. Pick out a few book that you really want to show, maybe they are acquainted with the holidays. Stack them up for the visual appeal and then put some great accessories in the other spaces. The additional books can go in other decorative places around the home, or in a box ready to take over when you get tired of looking at those currently displayed.

Re-vamping your displays may be a bummer, but it is sometimes necessary. With those small ideas underhand, it’s time to conquer the overall storage issue. Where are you going to put all this stuff once you are done? The whole purpose was to get rid of extra stuff.

One good place is your garage! It’s easily accessible and with only a few changes, can be everything you were hoping storage would be. Looking at your garage, you might be wondering how we come up with ‘a few changes’. Well, it doesn’t have to be an extravagant piece of art to store your stuff. If you want it that way, you can work it towards that. But, to start with you only need a few accessories. Some shelves or cabinets, maybe a few hooks. All of these will get you started towards the storage you need.

You can even reuse items in the house if you don’t want to buy anything at this time. Having redone the kitchen or bathroom, you could put the old cabinets to use in the garage. Make your own simple shelves by attaching boards to the wall.

It would be best to look at some specific garage storage systems if you have extremely heavy items. Only because it is bound to hold more and hold longer than a do-it-yourself option. Even simply moving boxes to the garage in a certain order will help with your problem.

Take the chance to optimize your living quarters by revitalizing the garage!

Where Do You Put Holiday Storage?

By Sammi

Thursday, December 4th, 2015

Without one of our lifts, we are curious as to where you put your holiday storage. There are many options from space in the house to going back and forth from the storage unit. Since you already got the boxes and totes out and have put things together for the Christmas season, we are mainly concerned with what you do with the boxes after.

These items only stay up and in use around one month at a time. Do you take the boxes all the way back to the storage unit once you have emptied their contents? Then go back out and get them when you are ready to put everything back for the next year? Or do they just stay lying around the house waiting for you to put them to use again?

Until you invest in one of our lifts to make your life easier, we have a little suggestion for this type of holiday storage situation. If you use boxes, take them apart for easy storage. They will hide nicely in any gloomy corners of the closet while you wait for the time to make them useful. Totes aren’t that easy to hide. But, you could fill them with whatever you moved to place the Christmas decor. Then place them conspicuously around the house and cover it with a sheet. Simple enough to do and you have turned it into a miniature table. Stack two totes on top of each other to make a taller table and add a few pretties to further disguise it.

Just so you know, with one of our lifts you wouldn’t have to do all this. Just take what you need out, place the totes/boxes back on the lift and send them up. Don’t worry about moving them because they will sit nicely right there.

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Get The Best Storage Ideas Now!

By Sammi

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

Storage has got to be one of the highest changing trends there is. Covered, not covered, hidden, non-existent, decorative, DIY and the list goes on. The month depends on which trend will pop up next. The cycle just tends to repeat itself, some categories more than others. While many of these are great storage ideas, the best idea that fits everyone is to have a room for storage. Something that can hold bigger items and then allow for extra organizing from that perspective.

I’m not sure how you got to this page, some search engine most likely. Which is great, because you have just come across the greatest tool to have for storage. It is our Versalift Attic Lift. Why would a lift be an acceptable tool in your home when you are not incapable of carrying things yourself? Well, for starters it just makes the whole job easier. Anyone can put boxes in the attic and call it storage but only special people realize the potential of having an attic lift.

For literal minds, think about it this way: Why do people own dolly’s? Because there are items that are just too big for the body to handle carrying. At one time, people thought those were a crazy invention too. That it was for lazy people. Once doctor’s started stressing the importance of proper lifting and watching our backs and knees, suddenly that tool wasn’t so crazy anymore.

Such is the case with the attic lift. There are those doubters, but just take one look at our customer reviews and experiences. All it is going to take is one look because the after-effects of installing this lift, will be life changing.


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Start The Holiday Decluttering

By Sammi

Thursday, December 1st, 2015

The holidays are a beautiful time for family to get together and celebrate the years they have had together. With that happiness is plenty of stress over what shape the house is in when you know that people are constantly going to be come over. No wants to think that their house is being scrutinized by their family and friends, but let’s face it, it happens. That makes this the perfect time to start the holiday decluttering. Keep yourself from feeling like there is just too much in your house and too much to do. It may be a true fact, but no one likes the feeling anymore than they like the feeling of judgement.

Holiday decluttering is rather easy, as long as you mentally make yourself do it. Mental preparation is the best first step to this process. All of your decorations may be important but not all of them need to stay with you for the next 20 years. This is the hardest part for those that don’t want to declutter. Two different themes of holiday decor is okay, but once you get to more than that, it may be time to start giving yourself a break.

Once you open the boxes and bins with your holiday trinkets and lights, ask yourself “Which set do you really use?” This is key. We may have several different sets, but like our closets only one or two really get used throughout the years. Even those could use some overhaul as far as what you have included in them. What is the overhaul you need to do? Every year you buy a few more things and never through out or get rid of the old.

Holiday decluttering requires you to do that. You have to get rid of whatever you are replacing. Otherwise you are left with an overflowing amount of holiday decorations. This portion of the decluttering is also why you have to be mentally prepared. How many angels do you really need? Is 10 ft of garland really necessary when you only use it on the tree?

No excuses. A small amount of decluttering here can help you in the long run for decluttering your home. It’s always better to start small and grow than start big and get somewhere small.

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Great Homemade Cleaners For Homes

By Sammi

November 25th, 2015

Being natural is definitely the most recognized trend these days. You walk into a store, into the cleaning department and you are going to stumble over natural and organic cleaners. Food department is going to have the same thing, only they take it a little farther for the different food allergies people deal with. Even clothes are getting into the natural trend by claiming to be made from all natural fibers and no treatments.

Looking at these items, you can instantly notice the difference between those natural and those with fillers. Less than natural is cheaper than the more organic option. It would be nice to get your own natural and homemade cleaners without having to pay an arm and a leg. We are going to show you just how you can do that. Each of the homemade cleaners take a few ingredients but one ingredient can last you months. That is where the cost comparison comes in. They also have one key ingredient that is hard to imagine.

Homemade cleaners with one central ingredient… almost immediately the first thought is bleach, vinegar or ammonia. While those are great choices they are not the actual ingredient. That is the ever surprising liquid called water. So let’s take a look at a few:

Windows – Fill a 25-30 oz bottle with the following ingredients: 1 oz white ammonia, 4 oz rubbing alcohol and 1 drop laundry detergent. The rest of the bottle you are going to fill with water.

Fabric Freshener – 25-30 oz bottle filled with 1 oz scented fabric softener, 2 TBS baking soda and the rest is water.

Bleach cleaner – 25-30 oz bottle filled with 2 oz bleach, 1 tsp. laundry detergent and then water to the top.

Add a few drops of lemon to give it any homemade cleaner the lemony zest smell.

What homemade cleaner recipes do you use with such a simple and vastly available key ingredient?

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What To Do With Leftover Thanksgiving Food

By Sammi

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

Now that you are completely full of food, fun and laughter, it’s time to figure out what to do with all that leftover Thanksgiving food. Not to be the bearer of bad news, but not everyone is going to be pleased about eating the same food for several days in a row. That concept just doesn’t work. Left for too long and you have plenty of good food that goes to waste. Nobody likes wasting food! Especially that deliciousness from Turkey Day.

Once you recognize that you can’t force people to eat the same food until it’s gone, the ideas can begin to flow.

Most of the food you have made, can be frozen to compliment another meal, on another day. Turkey, pie, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. These are all items that freeze and reheat well. They can also be combined in other foods.

For vegetables, you could take them and the turkey with some noodles and make a casserole or soup out of it. In the case that no one wants anymore turkey, substitute chicken and save the turkey.

Unfortunately, there are some dishes that won’t be able to be reused or frozen. One item tends to be green bean casserole. It may survive a few days, but not many have luck getting it to stick for more than that.

In the mood for giving? Be great this season and give someone in need your leftovers. That may seem weird, but those that are truly in need will appreciate anything they can get. Besides if you put it all on covered plates or to go containers, they won’t even know it’s leftover Thanksgiving food. They will just be happy to have something of a Thanksgiving meal!

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