How to Organize Your Attic

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How to organize your attic

If we’re really honest, we all guilty of just putting stuff into the attic without actually store it in an organize fashion. And, before we know it, the attic is full of junk that we don’t need, or even forgot about. This is because of an attic that isn’t organized at all. And, cleaning and starting organizing these mess, can be a daunting task. Here is some basic information on how you can start organizing your attic and making it more organized and neat.

The clutter

Before you can actually start organizing your attic, you need to look at the clutter. This is where the hard work starts. Sorting out the clutter is the first step in organizing your attic.

The best way to sort through your clutter is to make three different piles. These piles are for donating, keeping and throwing away. And, don’t let the keeping pile gets bigger than the donating pile. Ask yourself this question with each and every piece that you’re sorting: “Do I really going to need this thing again?” And if the answer is no, you need to donate it or throw it away.

You can’t start to organize your attic, with a lot of junk that you need to store, because you don’t want to throw away anything. Remember to really donate those stuff. Don’t just put it back in the attic for later.

The stuff that you’re going to keep

The next step is going to be to sort through the stuff that you’re going to keep. Place them in storage bins that’s labeled. Don’t just put them back in the attic and say you’re done. Because in no time, you’re going to have an unorganized attic again.

Make sure that you sort the stuff out, so that everything is accessible. Put the baby’s toys in one container, and clothes that will fit the younger child in a bin, with the label adding the age of the clothes. Then, you will know exactly what is in the containers, and everything will be accessible.

Adding shelves

Sometimes just sorting through your stuff in the attic isn’t enough. You might want to add some shelve space to make sure that you’re able to have more storage space and that your attic is organized and stays organized.

By adding some shelves, you create more space and will be able to store your stuff so that you can have access to everything. The storage bins will not be just on top of each other. This is especially important to create shelves, if you have a small attic without much storage space.

We all know the feeling of sorting through the stuff and organizing the attic. But, if you’re starting off, the correct way, you won’t have to organize your attic again. An organized attic is so much better to have, than the attic full of junk. And, searching for a specific item in a pile of junk isn’t really fun or necessary. Creating more storage space by adding some shelves, can be of great help to create more space for storage and to organize all the stuff in the attic much better. Now, you will find the item that you need, without spending a day, searching.


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