Take Care of Your Garage for Storage Space

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Alright, so the garage has never been a favorite place. It has its fair share of spiders hanging around. The attic does too. In either situation, we have to eventually clamber in there and take care of business. As more time goes on and the spaces are left alone, the more trouble you could get in. The older a structure gets, the more problems it gets into. Much like a body, the older we get, the more help we need. Exercising becomes more important and vitamins must be taken. Structures don’t have that luxury.

One thing is, you can’t take the home and depend on it to deliver the same fate to the garage. We live in the houses and therefore can accurately determine when there is something wrong. Since we aren’t always in the garage, we don’t accurately tell when there is a problem. This can be your biggest problem.

When we don’t see structural issues, rain and bugs sneak through the cracks. If you have stuff in there, that creates environments for mold and more bugs. Bothe of which you don’t need because then your belongings are no longer safe.

The easiest way to keep this from happening is to switch out the boxes for weather proof containers. That will help better protect you items while also helping to prevent mold. You can use different colors to signify categories.

Another easy step, get everything off the floor and away from the wall. This may take a little maneuvering and purchasing of a few things, but the end result will be well worth it. The trick is to determine how to get it off the floor and away from the wall. Shelves or cabinets forming counter tops will help with the elevation problem.

Getting it away from the wall is something else. Even though it will sacrifice some space you need on the shelves, you should keep everything at least an inch away from the wall. Then if there is a leak from the roof, it will just slide down the wall. Pushing it up against the wall will create a block and allow the water to gather on the boxes.

With the items put up and away, you will have an easier time telling if you are dealing with structural issues. The water will flow down the wall and pool along the crease for the wall and the floor. Pretty simple solutions to the most troublesome problems in garage storage.

Garage storage is a wonderful thing. It can save you tons of money and give you the ability to easily access everything. But, not taking care of the garage will only leave you wishing you had stored your stuff in an actual storage facility. Fortunately, the process is simple enough and may require few materials.

Keep your garages functioning as well as the rest of your house does. It only needs a little of your attention to be a productive space for you!

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